Sailor Mercury
Real Name: Amy Mizuno
Gender: Female
Birthdate: September 10th, present
Zodiacal Sign: Virgo
Age: 14
Blood Type: A
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blue
Likes: Studying, Serena, and Greg
Dislikes: ad grades, writing love letters, and the Negaverse / Negamoon
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Sandwiches
Least-Favorite Food: Yellow-tailed shrimp
Favorite Subject: Science
Least-Favorite Subject: None
Hobbies: Studying, playing chess, and reading
Planetary Symbol: A heart with two antennae on top and a stem extending from the bottom, crossed by a short line
Scout Colors: Aqua and royal blue
Gemstone: Sapphire
First Appeared In: episode 5, "Computer School Blues"

Long, long ago, during the Silver Millennium, Amy lived as the Princess of Mercury. All was well until Queen Beryl and the Negaverse attacked, destroying the Moon Kingdom. Princess Serenity's mother, Queen Serenity (go figure) used the Silver Imperium Crystal to send them all to the future to be reincarnated.
In the present timeline, Serena and Luna first suspected Amy as from the Negaverse when she first transferred to Serena's school. But when she was attacked by the Negaverse, Luna saw the symbol of Mercury appear on Amy's forehead and realized she was destined to be Sailor Mercury, so Luna gave her the transformation pen. During Zoicite's reign as head general of the Negaverse, she met Greg, and the two had a very brief "romance".
After defeating the Negaverse and Queen Beryl, she lost all of her memories of being Sailor Mercury and didn't remember until Alan and Ann attacked her at an audition and Luna restored her memories, as well as the other three inner scouts.

"Mercury, Power!!" This is Sailor Mercury's first transformation command.
(First used in episode 5, "Computer School Blues")
"Mercury, Bubbles, Blast!!" Sailor Mercury releases a stream of bubbles, which burst and fill the area with fog, preventing the enemy from seeing.
(First used in episode 5, "Computer School Blues")
"Mercury, Ice Bubbles, Freeze!!" Sailor Mercury releases a stream of bubbles similar to her first attack, but when they burst, instead of filling the air with fog, they freeze her target solid.
(First used in episode 47, "Much Ado About Babysitting")
"Mercury, Star, Power!!" ailor Mercury uses this transformation command after receiving her new transformation pen.
(First used in episode 56, "Mercury Moving On?")
"Mercury, Ice Storm, Splash!!" Sailor Mercury gains this ability after receiving her new transformation pen. With this attack, Sailor Mercury draws water from around her and unleashes whips of ice and water upon her opponent, freezing it.
(First used in episode 56, "Mercury Moving On?")
"Mercury, Chill Wave, Trace!!" To find something hidden from both her V.R. Visor and mini-computer, Sailor Mercury extends her palms outwards with fingers interlocked, and produces a small drop of silvery liquid which sprouts into a stream of ice leading to the object or person she is trying to locate.
(First used in episode 71, "Dreaming of You")

Transformation Pen This pen was given to Amy by Luna and it allows her to transform into Sailor Mercury.
(Received in episode 5, "Computer School Blues")
Mini-Computer Given to Amy by Luna, her mini-computer allows Amy to analyze items and discern whether or not they have any significance to the Sailor Scouts as of the Negaverse. She also uses it to help her see down to a very miniscule level of sight on an object, allowing repairs to be made if necessary. She also uses it as a communicator with the other Scouts.
Received in episode 6, "Time Bomb")
V. R. Visor Sailor Mercury can press a button on her tiara to bring down a V. R. Visor, which allows her to analyze her enemies and find out where they are in battle. However, she mainly uses this visor to see if an enemy is a transformed human or a destroyable nega-monster.
(Received in episode 6, "Time Bomb")
Transformation Pen Sailor Mercury was the last to receive the upgraded version of a transformation pen, which also changed her transformation command and gave her some new abilities. Rini gave this to her along with a wrist communicator just as she was about to leave for Germany, convincing her to stay.
(Received in episode 56, "Mercury Moving On?")
Wrist Communicator At the same time that Luna and Artemis gave all the girls new transformation pens, they also gave the Sailor Scouts new wrist communicators.
(Received in episode 56, "Sailor Mercury Moving On?")

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