Sailor Jupiter
Real Name: Lita Kino
Gender: Female
Birthdate: December 5th, present
Zodiacal Sign: Sagittarius
Age: 14
Blood Type: O
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Likes: Selling cake and flowers, romance novels, and horses
Dislikes: Riding on airplanes, cheaters, and the Negaverse / Negamoon
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Cherry pie
Least-Favorite Food: None
Favorite Subject: Home economics
Least-Favorite Subject: Physics
Hobbies: Cooking, bargain-hunting, and archery
Planetary Symbol: A four with an extended front curve resembling a simple two
Scout Colors: Green and pink
Gemstone: Emerald
First Appeared In: episode 21, "Jupiter Comes Thundering In"

Long, long ago, during the Silver Millennium, Lita lived as the Princess of Jupiter. All was well until Queen Beryl and the Negaverse attacked, destroying the Moon Kingdom. Princess Serenity's mother, Queen Serenity (go figure) used the Silver Imperium Crystal to send them all to the future to be reincarnated.
In the present timeline, Lita's parents died in an airplane crash when she was young, leaving her to live in an apartment alone off of insurance and her trust fund. Lita arrived at Crossroads Junior High after supposedly being kicked out of her previous school for fighting, which made most of the students wary to forge a friendship with her. However, Serena soon befriended the new girl. Luna realized that Lita was Sailor Jupiter when Game Machine Joe was transformed into a monster and Lita tried to help out in the battle, the symbol of Jupiter appearing on her forehead.
After defeating the Negaverse and Queen Beryl, she lost all of her memories of being Sailor Jupiter and didn't remember until Alan and Ann attacked her at an audition and Luna restored her memories, as well as the other three inner scouts.

"Jupiter, Power!!" This is Sailor Jupiter's first transformation command.
(First used in episode 21, "Jupiter Comes Thundering In")
"Jupiter, Thunder, Crash!!" Sailor Jupiter crosses her arms upward as a small antenna comes up from Sailor Jupiter's tiara, absorbing electricity from the clouds or simply in the air around her. She uncrosses her arms and the antenna emits powerful lightning to shock her opponents.
(First used in episode 21, "Jupiter Comes Thundering In")
"Jupiter, Thunder, Dragon!!" Sailor Jupiter unleashes electricity, but also calls upon the power of the dragon. The two joining, the electricity takes on a sentient form as it either searches its domain or attacks its enemies.
(First used in episode 49, "Food Fetish")
"Jupiter, Star, Power!!" Sailor Jupiter uses this transformation command after receiving her new transformation pen.
(First used in episode 56, "Mercury Moving On?")
"Jupiter, Thundercrash, Zap!! Sailor Jupiter gains this ability after receiving her new transformation pen. With this attack, Sailor Jupiter harnesses the electricity into an orb which she holds before throwing at her enemies.
(First used in episode 59, "A Charmed Life")

Transformation Pen This pen was given to Lita by Luna, and it allows her to transform into Sailor Jupiter.
(Received in episode 21, "Jupiter Comes Thundering In")
Communicator With the appearance of a personal organizer, Lita's communicator allows her to contact the other scouts.
(Received in ???)
Transformation Pen Sailor Jupiter received a new transformation pen along with the other scouts when Amy was about to go to Germany. Although the new pen strengthened her abilities, she didn't use a new attack until a little later.
(Received in episode 56, "Mercury Moving On?")
Wrist Communicator At the same time that Luna and Artemis gave all the girls new transformation pens, they also gave the Sailor Scouts new wrist communicators.
(Received in episode 56, "Sailor Mercury Moving On?")

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